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About Us is a weblog dedicated to delivering you interesting news, tips and reviews about gadgets and hot tech stuff.

At, we do NOT necessarily publish the latest or cutting-edge products, as long as we find it interesting and useful, then we will publish here. The bottom line is to have fun!

The owner

I’m Christopher K.Y. Chee, I’m the owner and also the chief writer of I’m an IT guy, who’s been working on a wide range of IT system for the past couple of years, which includes networking, system and also software and web app development. During my free time, I like to poke around online store or blogs or news site, looking for interesting gadgets, software and tech news. I’ll try my very best to feed you all with my personal commentary for those interesting tech stuff. If you’ve got good tips for gadgets and tech stuff, feel free to drop me an email at

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