GE the C lamp brings modern LED lighting to your living space with Amazon Alexa voice commands

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Here comes a pretty cool LED table lamp, called the C, which promises to bring better and simpler lighting experience to your living space. The C lamp has just been unveiled by its maker, GE. What is interesting about it is it pairs with the Amazon Alexa voice commands to let you operate the lamp with your voices only.

The C lamp accepts a host of voice commands including allowing you to order your dinner, listening to the news headlines, and getting it to preheat your oven. The C lamp comes with a microphone and speakers embedded and it’s the first of its kind that pairs with the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Which does the equivalent to Amazon Echo products but without needing a stand-alone Echo unit, hub or even a smart phone.

The users just need to plug in the C lamp and connect to Alexa and it’ll bring a whole new world of tech functionalities including interoperability with other smart devices in your home.

If you’re a high-tech geek who owns a living space with many smart devices, the C lamp is what you need as it offers simple connection points and ease of interoperability with other smart devices.

The C lamp comes in a sleek design, and will soon be available for purchase for $200. You can also get a 20% discount of its retail price of $160 if you sign up now ahead its launch. The video below shows it works or find out more here.

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