Sony Future Lab Projector turns any surface into touch display

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The SXSW event held in Austin, Texas has many tech giants to showcase their futuristic products. One of them is Sony. Sony has demonstrated a new prototype projector at the SXSW, which comes with capabilities to turn any flat surface into a touch-sensitive display.

The Sony projector is also able to sense depth of objects as it’s equipped with depth sensor. Such as when you’ve placed a cup on the surface projected by the projector, it’ll be able to tell you the precise depth of the cup (as shown in the picture above).

And more interestingly, the projector is capable of recognizing books. When a book is placed on the projected surface, it’s able to bring the book to life and turn it into an interactive version with animations and drawings. This is something what the kids actually want these days which you can get them to absorb more what the books teach as they can have more gesture and visual interactions.

The projector was demonstrated by recognizing a copy of Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland, which is supposed to have been programmed in it. When the book was opened by the company representative, objects in the book can be dragged off the page and interact with nearby physical objects such as a tea cup and a deck of playing cards.

The projector is also equipped with motion tracking sensor. It responds to your finger press by tracking your hand direction and it’s also able to track your finger movements while hovering over the projected surface.

The projector is currently just a prototype by the company’s Future Lab. Of course, the company will need to consider how practical it can be for the users before making it a final product.


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