“Find My iPhone” in iOS 7 makes your lost iPhone highly recoverable

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One of the coolest features in iOS 7 is the “Find My iPhone” which ensures you can always recover your iPhone whenever it’s misplaced, lost or stolen.

The iPhone is the most precious phone out there and is priced at a base price of $699. It is a super cool gadget that you don’t wanna lose it. The new “Find My iPhone” in iOS 7 brings you high chance to get your iPhone back while it’s misplaced, lost or stolen.

The basic feature of the new iOS 7 is you can easily track the whereabouts of your iPhone while it’s lost. And what’s the best is even if you format the iPhone, the person must enter an Apple ID and password to reactivate the iPhone. If no Apple ID info is entered the iPhone is not going to be activated and remain as a totally dead phone. A hard reset and format cannot activate the lost iPhone at all.

Lastly, you can enter a message such as displaying a message of your alternative phone number to call while the iPhone is left behind somewhere. Good hearted people will call you and let you get your iPhone back. If the one who’s got it and doesn’t wanna give you back your iPhone and will try to reset and use it, he or she will need to enter the iTunes account details.

I’ve always used my iPhone 5 to store a backup copy of my precious data and I’ve always been worried that what if iPhone is lost and fallen into the hands of rivals or baddies. The new Find My iPhone ins iOS 7 is definitely one of the coolest. iPhone gets more secure and deserves as the best toy up to a serious and reliable business device!!

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