OCDock pairs iPhone with your iMac

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If you own an iMac you should be one of them who always strive for a neat work desk. Here comes the OCDock, an iPhone dock that allows you to dock your iPhone on your iMac neatly and keeps your work desk clean and neat.

The OCDock was a project at Kickstarter and has now been made available in the market, selling at a price of $80 on ByteMyApple.

This iPhone dock has been engineered to perfection. It’s been made been CNC machined from a solid piece of high-grade aluminum, glass bead blasted and anodized to match the finish of the iMac/Thunderbolt Display.

As said the idea of having this iPhone dock is to keep your work desk completely clean and neat as well as freeing more space for you, which helps spark more creativity.

The dock actually has a thin cable that runs underneath of your iMac or other display stand making it appear to be wireless. It adheres to your display stand using reusable take. The dock should fit with most iPhone cases installed.

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