Memoto’s super tiny camera automatically captures precious moments of everyday life

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Memoto has introduced a super tiny wearable camera that allows you to capture those meaningful movements in your everyday life much easier than using your smartphones or digital cameras.

You can simply clip the Mometo camera on your cloth and have it to automatically capture any precious moments that you’d have missed when having to lift your smartphone or camera up for capturing.

The Mometo camera just comes in about the size of a postage stamp, making it super easy up be integrated in your daily life. With this camera you can easily capture those moments when you met your first love, your daughter took her first step.

You can travel back in time and effortlessly search, share and revisit any recorded moments using the Momento web service and the accompanying iPhone and Android apps. The camera automatically uploads to Mometo web service when it’s connected to your computer via USB.

Despite the tiny size, the Mometo camera offers a 5MP resolution for images. It also provides GPS and timestamp logging for the captured images. It’s capable of capturing automatically every 30 seconds. It’s got a built-in rechargeable battery which can be recharged via USB.

The Mometo is currently just a project which needs your backing on Kickstarter. If you love the idea, head over to back them up.


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