Apple announces 7.9-inch iPad Mini and A6X-powered iPad 4G

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Apple has announced two new iPads at their event in California including the highly expected and long-awaited iPad Mini and surprisingly a new A6X-powered 4th-gen iPad.

As expected, the iPad Mini offers a screen size of 7.9 inches and a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The 0.9 inches extra of its display is claimed to offer 35 percent more display area while compared to other 7 inchers such as the Nexus 7 tablet.

Good news for developers is apps can be carried across and needn’t to be resized. The exterior, iPad Mini comes in a thickness of 7.2, weighs 0.68 pounds and is equipped with the same lightning port of your iPhone 5. It’s also been manufactured by new process, giving it a new anodized edges found on the iPhone 5.

The iPad Mini has a 5MP camera, a LTE modem (cellular model only) and is powered by the last gen A5 processor. It’s said to offer a battery life of 10 hours!

Price wise, a 16GB WiFi-only model is priced at $329. Pre-orders will start on Oct 26 and ships on November 2. The cellular model 16GB LTE is priced at $459 and a 64GB can cost as much as $659. They will be available on AT&T, Sprint & Verizon a few weeks afterwards.

Unexpectedly, Apple has also introduced a new, 4th-gen iPad to replace its 3rd-gen iPad. In the past, Apple usually announced a new generation of its iPad in Q1 of the year. Basically the new iPad 4G is a hardware refresh of its iPad 3. The iPad 4 is now powered by an A6X processor with quad-core graphics claimed to offer double the power of the old A5 chip.

The iPad 4G has dual band WiFi, expanded LTE, 720p front-facing camera, the new image and lightning port of the iPhone 5. It’s priced the same as its predecessor, a 16GB wifi-only model costs $499 while a 16GB with cellular data on board costs $629. It’ll be available on Apple retail and online stores.

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