ScanBox – a simple solution that turns your smartphone into a perfect, portable scanner

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No doubt when you wanna scan some documents while on the go, you can simply use your smartphone to snap pictures of those documents. But sometime it’s hard to position your smartphone to take the shot and some shakes of your hands will produce unwanted results. Here comes a simply and non-high-tech solution known as the ScanBox, which is just a paper box that has a hold on top for your smartphone to sit on it at a perfect height for scanning documents or photos.

ScanBox works with all smartphones and has been optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch. It also comes with neodymium magnets that hold it together, so it doesn’t fold under the weight of your smartphone. It’s a neat and affordable solution (costs around $15 each when it’s ready for the market) for those who’re always need a scanner while on the go.

Currently, ScanBox is just a fund-raising project at Kickstarter, if you’re one of those needing a better portable scanner, head over to give your support to make ScanBox materialized.

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