Infinitec Pocket TV brings Android 4.0 to your big TV screen

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If you want Android 4.0 on your big TV screen, the newly unveiled Pocket TV by Infinitec is what you need. The device comes in a compact, little HDMI dongle that hooks up to your TV to turn it into a smart TV, running Android 4.0 OS.

Having Android 4.0 running on your TV, meaning you can run Android applications on your big TV screen and your TV is smart enough to download apps from Google Play.

And of course, you can carry out other functionalities of Android such as streaming video, playing games, connecting with friends on Facebook, reading news and you name it. All these can now be done at home on a massive Android tablet i.e. your TV.

Since the Pocket TV is tiny and in the size of a USB flash drive or dongle, you can bring along anywhere you go and turn any TV screen into running Android. It’ll be very useful for showing off some Android apps or Android games on big TV screens to your friends or anyone that you encounter in your daily run.

The Pocket TV also features two remote control options – a standard IR remote and an Air Remote. The standard IR remote ships with every pocket TV, which allows you to control the Pocket TV with IR signals, simply like using any standard IR TV remote. The Air Remote is equipped with a gyroscopic sensor, which is meant for those used to using motions to control the TV (like a Wii controller).

You can also use your smartphone or a universal remote control to control the pocket TV. It’s equipped with a USB port, making it handy to be hooked up to an external USB storage drive, wireless keyboard and mouse etc. The Pocket TV can be pre-ordered at a lower price of $99 only on Kickstarter. And will be back to its regular price after that.

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