RunCore Invincible solid state drive with data and physical self-destruct buttons

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RunCore Invincible solid state drive is one of those SSDs that wants your data to be protected from falling into the hands of your rivals. It comes equipped with two buttons which offer the functionality of self destructing the data and the drive itself.

The InVincible SSD has a green button which requires a single press to overwrite the entire drive with meaningless code, making your data unrecoverable. And it’s also got a red button which needs a press only to physically destroy the drive – by applying over current to the NAND flash memory of the drive to destroy it physically.

The Invincible SSD offers 240MB/s read and 140MB/s write speeds and it’s specially designed to be used by mission-critical fields such as aerospace and military who can’t afford having their data leaked. The drive also comes with MLC and SLC options and can withstand harsh conditions, capable of operaring in a wide range of temperature.

The two buttons definitely sound scary to regular users as an accidental press will get rid of all your precious data. Anyway, there is no pricing info or availability at the moment. A clip is included below showing it in action.

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