Satechi Divoom iBase Dock Station for iPhone, iPad and iPod

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If you’re not satisfied with the audio output by your iOS devices, here is a dock station that promises to enhance audio quality for your iOS devices. The Satechi Divoom iBase Dock Station has been announced for its availability for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The Divoom iBase Dock Station comes in a compact form that’s suitable for bringing around with your iOS devices while on the go. Just dock your iOS device on it, it’ll deliver superb, distortion-free, crystal clear sound.

The Divoom iBase station packs four full range neodymium dynamic drivers capable of delivering high-quality audio. It weighs a mere 20.6 oz (about 584 grams), is clutter-free which is perfect for blasting your music and charging your iOS devoice while on the go.

The dock ensures your iOS device securely and firmly docked on it and it also allows you to hook up to other music sources via the 3.5mm headphone jack. It’s now available on Amazon for $45 each.

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