Cloudster 1TB NAS with secure auto backup to cloud

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Cloudster is the solution for those who have lots of data to store. Cloudster is a NAS that offers a whopping 1TB of storage capacity. And what makes it better is it automatically backs up your data to cloud online securely, where you can then access those data anytime or anywhere on the web.

Using a NAS (Network Attached Storage) as a central storage for your increasing amount of data is a wiser choice than having your data scattered around on your computers’ hard drives, USB drives etc. And Cloudster offers the huge storage capacity that you can’t find on other similar products in the market with the same price point.

And Cloudster automatically keeps a copy of your data on the cloud in a secure manner, where your files will be encrypted on the cloud, and the transmission of your data to the cloud is also through an encrypted channel.

You just need to hook up Cloudster to a router or switch of your home network via the Ethernet connection. Any Windows or Mac computers can connect to it via the Windows Explorer and File Finder respectively. You can store file to from your Android smartphones or iPhone, iPad via the SMB-compliant mobile apps.

Everything is nice about Cloudster but it’s currently just a prototype at its fund-raising stage on KickStarter. It needs your backing for the cost of making the hardware and developing the firmware required. Pledge yours to back them up if you love their idea, so you’ll have lots of space to store your videos, photos, engineering CAD files and more. An introductory clip of the Cloudster is attached below.

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