USB cell drive and cell link are portable backup battery, charger, flash drive and data transfer devices for your iPhone and Android

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We told you about the Force Media dual-connector USB flash drive. But unfortunately, the product is only sold in Japan. Unless you have friends in Japan, which you could get them to buy and ship it to you. But now, there are some alternatives here, the USB cell drive and cell link from a company called USB Cell Drive as well.

The USB cell drive is a portable device that can work as a backup battery for all kinds of USB-chargeable smartphones. It’s got a built–in 600aAH battery that’s able to provide a little extra juice for your phone.

And it also doubles up as a USB flash drive which provides 4GB and 8GB of storage capacity and is priced at $60 and $70 respectively. The attached picture above shows you how a cell drive replaces all other accessories you used to carry around. The Cell drive also comes with converter for the iPhone/iPod and a snap-on adapter for mini USB.

The USB cell link has two versions – the Cell Link I and Cell Link U, which suits the iOS devices and micro USB mobile devices respectively.

The cell link also works as a backup battery for your iPhone or Android smartphones, thanks to its built-in 600 mAH battery. But it doesn’t have an internal memory. However it works as a memory card reader which reads Micro SD/SDCH memory card. The Cell Link is available for $55 each.

Both the Cell Drive and Cell Link can work as portable backup batteries, USB chargers, flash drives and data transfer devices for your iPhone/iPod and Android devices.

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