iOS and Android controlled Sphero Robotic ball

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Having too much time to kill in your days? Now you can be involved with more physical gameplay right on your work desk. The Sphero is a robotic ball that is controllable by using your iOS and Android devices.

You can simply tilt, touch or swing your smartphone or tablet to control the Sphero robotic ball. It’s constructed with an opaque high-impact polycarbonite shell with an Orbotix Smart Robot inside. The apps for iOS and Android can be downloaded from Apple app store and Google Play respectively.

You can also design your own path by simply drawing a shape on the app, to get Sphero to follow your designed path. What’s more amazing you is can have the Sphero to act like a golf ball by simply swinging your iPhone or Android smartphone like a golf club. The Sphero Robotic Ball can be had from ThinkGeek for a price of $130 each.

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