Spacetime LED watch bends space and time right on your wrist

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Being able to bend space and time means you can bring two points separated by a huge distance together. This will allow traveling between two stars separated by light years to be shortened in just matter of seconds. But it isn’t achievable as the law of physics says that you need massive objects like black holes to bend space and time.

Nevertheless, the Spacetime LED Watch claims to challenge the law of physics, with the possibility to bend space and time right on your wrist. Huh?

Spacetime is defined as any mathematical model that combines both SPACE and TIME into a single continuum. We thought, what better way to demonstrate this model than by designing it into a watch.

Reading time on the Spacetime LED watch is much easier than it looks, requires no rocket science. Just a press of button, an explosion of colorful stars fly across the mirrored face, with the small line indicating the hour and big line indicating the minute. One more press will show the date. The Spacetime LED watch can be yours for $80 only from Gadgetsandgear.

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