CordCruncher – world’s first tangle-free headphones

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Most users will find it very uneasy having to deal with the tangling wires of headphones when listening to music during workout. But now, there are headphones that will never tangle – the CordCruncher headphones which are claimed to be the world’s first tangle-free headphones.

The little magic lies within the elastic sleeve of CordCruncher, which allows you to easily control the cord length. The elastic sleeve is flexible to adjust from 16 inches to 3.5 feet, eliminates extra cordage, allowing for tangle-free freedom of movement. It’s a perfect solution for use during workout or for music enthusiasts on-the-go.

The elastic sleeve of the CordCruncher is manufactured using a hypo-allergenic (99.9 percent protein-free) material. The CordCruncher will be available in Rocket Red, Pearl Blue and iGizmo White. It uses high-quality earbuds and delivers great quality of sound with clear bass, treble etc. It’s now available for pre-sale on KickStarter and planned to ship in May 2012. A clip is included below showing the CordCruncher in action.

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