JuiceTank iPhone case doubles as a charger that plugs right into your wall socket

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JuiceTank is a little unusual iPhone case which provides juice for your iPhone as long as you can find a wall power outlet. This will never let your iPhone run out of juice even when you’ve forgotten to bring along the sync/charge cable.

The JuiceTank is equipped with two swiveling plug arms that fold down when not in use. While your iPhone is running out of juice, just plug it into a wall socket to juice it up.

The JuiceTank is currently at its fund-raising stage – a project on Kickstarter.com. It’ll retail for $70 each when it becomes available later. But you can place your order now for $55 each.

JuiceTank case offers both protection and juice for your iPhone. It might add a little bulk but it’s definitely worth a try due to the convenience it offers for juicing up your iPhone.

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