Lumus See-through Wearable AR Display – OE-31 will come to regular glasses

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Lumus See-through Wearable AR Display is another way of bringing augmented reality right in front of your eyes. The new wearable AR display is known as the OE-31 which can now be integrated in regular glasses, such as the MP3-embedded sunglasses with the Lumus OE-31 display mounted on one side (As shown below).

The Lumus technology basically adds an image layer with nHD resolution (640 x 360 pixels) on top of what you see through your glasses. There are a number of useful applications for the AR see-through display, such as displaying useful info for athletes including speed, cadence, lap time, heart rate, competitive info right on the glasses, while they’re running or biking.

Or the glasses can be connected with a smartphone, allowing video or images to be seen from software that’s specially designed for the technology. There will be more other useful applications for the OE-31 AR display, the company is now working with a number of OEM to push it out to the market. Clips are included below showing it in action.

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