PlanOn intros SlimScan – world’s first credit card-sized, full-color receipt scanner

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Here comes the SlimScan – the world’s first credit card-sized receipt scanner that you can always keep in your wallet, getting those receipts and business cards scanned while you’re on the go. Undoubtedly, having all those annoying receipts or business cards scanned allows you to easily track your daily expenditures or be organized with your contacts.

The SlimScan comes in dimensions of 2 in x 3.1 in x 0.12 in which is so small and easily fits into your card holder or wallet. Despite the tiny size, SlimScan offers you high resolution, full-color scanning for your receipts and business cards. You can also use it scan handwritten notes, photos and more. Its on-board memory is capable of storing up to 600 images.

SlimScan is also equipped with a convenient preview screen that lets you instantly view, zoom-in and pan scanned images on the fly. You can easily transfer the scanned receipts, business cards to your Windows PC via USB. It comes included with Receipt Management System (RMS) software, which allows you to easily scan, edit or organized those scanned receipts, cards or paper notes.

It’s great for businessman on the run for getting their business expenses well-tracked and reimbursed faster and getting their business contacts in place. SlimScan is now available for $140 on

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