AIRE mask lets you charge your iPhone by breathing

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AIRE mask will be a great device to train your lungs, as it makes use of your breathing to charge your iPhone. The more powerful your breathing is, the shorter time your iPhone needs to charge.

The AIRE mask is currently just a conceptual gadget, which has been proposed by Joao Paulo Lammoglia. It harnesses the power of your breath to drive the tiny wind turbines inside to generate electricity for your iPhone.

You just have to connect an iOS device to AIRE mask and breath as usual then you’re good to go. It can be useful to train your breathing and your lungs. By doing this everyday, you might be able to increase your lung capacity – great for those who have no time for cardiovascular activities.

Or you can wear it during your workout, when your exhale is stronger to keep your iPhone or iPod juiced up for continuous music playing.

via Joao’s website geekologie

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