BiKN for iPhone – the radio-enabled smart case that keeps you connected with what matters most, now available

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BiKN is a smart case for your iPhone that’s been developed by Treehouse Labs and named the CES 2012 Innovations Honoree. And now the BiKN smart case is now for an introductory price of $100 each.

While your iPhone is housed in the BiKN case, it can let you be connected to things matter most. You just need to attach the clip-on tags to things around you that matter most, and via the free myBiKN app on your iPhone, you can easily track those tagged items.

The BiKN technology allows you to not only find tagged items, but you can use the tagged items to locate your iPhone, whether it’s in sleep mode or dead. You can also create a network among your friends or family members who also have the iPhone BiKN case – which will be useful to help each other locate their iPhones or things most matter to them.

The tracking range of the BiKN case for indoor is 50 – 100 feet, and 500 feet for outdoors. While you buy a BiKN case, it also comes included with one tag and the myBiKN app is free from Apple app store. Additional tags are $50 for two.

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