Legoflex twin-lens camera constructed with Lego bricks

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Here comes an awesome twin-lens camera called the Legoflex which is constructed out of Lego bricks. Legoflex camera was build by freelance photographer Carl-Frederic Salicath who got the inspiration from the Cary Norton 4 x 5 Lego Camera.

Carl-Frederic wanted to build a fully functional Twin-Lens Reflex (TLR) using 120-film after seeing the 4 x 5 Lego camera. His intention was trying to understand more about a camera.

The Legoflex is different from the 4 x 5 camera as it uses 120 roll film and contains moving parts such as a winding system, a shutter and an aperture etc.

The two lenses were borrowed from an old pair of binoculars – one is used for the viewfinder image and the other is used for exposing the film. And Lego bricks were what to glue everything together into a shape of a camera. More details on the complete build are available on Carl-Frederic Salicath’s blog

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