Tokyoflash Kisai Stencil watch tells time in negative space

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Tokyoflash has rolled out a new watch in its line which is known as the Kisai Stencil and comes in a new custom designed stainless steel case and with a leather strap. The Kisai Stencil watch can be pretty confusing while reading its time at first glance. It might be more suitable for those who live in the negative lands, as it colored LCD display shows time in negative space which will always take us sometime to get used to it.

The display of the watch appears to have a pictograph of lines and dots but you need to at the background in order to clearly see the digital time. Hours are shown in the upper half of the display while minutes are shown in the lower half of the display in negative space.

The two watches shown in the picture above are showing 05:03 (left) and 07:17 (right). The display of the Kisai Stencil is always on and it offers 5 different colors for you to choose from. Date can be shown by a push of the lower button. Other features are an alarm mode and an EL backlight which illuminates the display for ease of reading time at night time.

The Kisai Stencil watch is now available at a lower launch price of $99 for 48 hours only and will be back to its original price of $139 thereafter.

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