This is what Proview’s iPad looks like – a clone of an early iMac

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You should have heard of that Apple iPad has been seized and stopped from selling in China, due to a company called Proview claims that it owns the trademark to the name iPad. And the company is threatening Apple with a $2 billion lawsuit over the iPad trademark.

Proview is currently bankrupt but the company did produce and sell 20,000 units of its iPad in between 1998 and 2009. The Proview’s iPad actually stands for Internet Personal Access Device which doesn’t look like Apple’s iPad. Instead, it looks more like an early iMac design as shown above.

The Proview’s iPad is actually an all-in-one PC which has a 15-inch (800 x 600) CRT monitor, a 265MHz processor, 32MB of RAM and a 16GB of ROM flash card for storage etc. It has a couple of models which either run Linux or CITRIX OS.

Now, at least now you know that the Proview’s iPad does exist. Despite Apple having paid $35,000 to secure the rights to the name iPad back in 2010 but the banks which lent to the bankrupt Proview, have decided to ignore and insist to go for the lawsuit to squeeze cash out of Apple.

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