Zooka, a sleek, wireless Bluetooth speaker that brings vibrant sound to your iPad

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You want big sound on your iPad while playing music, watching movies or playing games? Here comes Zooka, a wireless Bluetooth speaker that comes in a sleek design and offers big, vibrant sound for your iPad or iPhone.

Zooka consists of two left and right side firing drivers that deliver brilliant stereo audio that’s more than what the iPad’s built-in speakers can do. Zooka is made of medical-grade durable silicone and has been designed to allow you to easily slide it on and off your iPad or MacBook. It has built-in rechargeable lithium ion batteries that are good for up to 8 hours of streaming music, movie audio, web and digital content.

Zooka can be connected via the 3.5mm audio input, allowing it to be used with audio sources without Bluetooth capability. Zooka has been cleverly designed to work with your iPad 2’s smart cover and features a cutout groove that ensures your iPad 2’s camera is not blocked.

Zooka is currently a Kickstarter project which is expected to retail for $99. The project is currently at the fund raising stage. If you love the idea, you can pledge $89 which gives you a chance to pick the Zooka of your choice from a fresh color palate that includes black, grey, blue, green, or orange. Check out Kickstarter project page for more info.

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