Continuance – an AA battery-sized USB portable charger for your iPhone

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We definitely love a charger that is smaller in size and easier to carry around to keep our smartphones and gadgets juiced up while we’re on the go. The Continuance offers itself as an AA battery-sized USB charger that allows you to charge any USB-chargeable gadgets including your iPhone and Android smartphones.

The Continuance is currently just a conceptual design that has entered the iF Concept Design 2011 entry. It’s a battery-sized charger that has a USB port on the side, which you can easily hook up your iPhone or smartphone via USB sync/charge cable for charging.

Continuance can always be kept in your pocket due to its tiny size. And take it out for charging your phone anytime when it almost runs out of juice. However, its small capacity doesn’t seem capable of letting you charge and use your phone at the same time.

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