Orb Audio launches Booster – the world’s smallest integrated amplifier

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High-performance sound doesn’t necessarily need large and complicated amplifiers. Orb Audio has launched a small and compact amplifier, known as Booster which comes in dimensions of 6″x6″x1.75″.

The Orb Audio Booster is dubbed as the world’s smallest integrated amplifier which is suitable for those who have very little space to live. It’s capable of delivering high-performance sound that’s usually capable by large systems.

The Booster allows for up to four audio sources, featuring an easy-to-use remote control, beautiful extruded aluminum cabinet and professional quality speaker connectors. It also offers a subwoofer output and small/large speaker size selector, features usually not found on amplifiers of this size.

The Booster is available now for a price of $164. Or it can be purchased in a package with two compact, spherical-shaped Orb speakers at a price of $378.00. More info on Orbaudio.com

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