Gresso announces luxury Pure Black mobile phone in its Grand Monaco collection

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Gresso has added a new mobile phone known as Pure Black in its Grand Monaco collection. As indicated by its name, the phone comes entirely in extravagant black color. It also reflects some sophisticated style inspired by leading-edge supercars.

Two models of the Pure Black mobile phone are available which are Pure Black Cayman with crocodile leather and Pure Black Carbon with Italian carbon leather. The case of both handsets is made from high resistant and light titanium alloy and covered with several high-tech ceramics layers.

The phone screen is also protected with 42 carat sapphire glass polished by hand with a diamond tool. And the keyboard is crafted from surgical steel.

With all the fine craftsmanship and some precious gems, the Pure Black mobile phone doesn’t come cheap at all, sets you back at $2,700 each. Unfortunately, it isn’t a smartphone, neither runs your favorite iOS nor Android. It’s based on the Symbian S40 platform. A limited 100 units of the handset have been produced and available on and via authorized Gresso dealers only.

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