iPhone 4S clone spotted with its own Siri but runs Android 4.0 ICS

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China has lots of clones but despite that the iPhone 4S still managed to grab a big pie in China. Of course, there will be some China-made iPhone 4S clones, trying to fill the gab for those who can’t afford an iPhone 4S or trick those who’re clueless about the iPhone 4S.

Here comes a clone of the iPhone 4S, which physically looks almost exactly like the iPhone 4S, but purportedly weighs slightly lighter at 114g. It’s also equipped with the same sized display as the iPhone 4S, offering the same resolution of 960×640 pixels.

The hardware of this clone is definitely less powerful which packs a 7227-T HTC Touch chip, 512MB of RAM, 8GB internal storage, front and rear-facing cameras and WCDMA 3G connectivity.

Of course, the iPhone 4S clone can’t be running iOS. It runs Android ICS 4.0 which seems to have some of its UI changed trying to mimic the iOS. It even comes with its own Siri which is actually controlled via the built-in Vlingo voice assistant.

via ubergizmo

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