Panamp – a faster music app for your iPhone, allows you to quickly organize music with swiping gestures

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If you have a huge collection of music, the default music app on your iPhone or iPod will not be efficient enough for you to organize your music and create your playlist in a fast manner. Here comes the Panamp, a better music app for your iPhone, which simply needs some of your swiping gestures to quickly create playlist, search or organize your music.

The Panamp music app presents you a couple of tabs on top which each clearly explains itself by its icon for organizing your music by song, artist or album, searching for songs and viewing your playlist.

What I like most about the Panamp is how fast it allows you to create your playlist – you just need to swipe on a song, an album or an artist to the right to drop it into your playlist, which is also dubbed as Dynamic Queue. And to remove a song (also album or artist) from the playlist, you just need to do the same – swipe a song in the playlist to the right, then it’ll be removed.

In the playlist, you can easily re-arrange the order of those songs playing by simply dragging up and down with your fingertip. Searching for songs is easy as well which you just need to swipe a song to the left to get you to the search box, where it also lists those songs and albums belonging to the same artist.

Playback control is super easy as well such as rewind or fast forward the playing track just simply needs you to drag it left or right. And swiping left and right will play the previous and next song respectively. Other goodies of the Panamp are a full access to your iTunes Library and Airplay compatible.

Panamp is definitely better while compared to the default music app, all the above-mentioned tasks such as creating playlist, organizing music can be done much faster using Panamp. If you have a huge collection of music on your iPhone and you want a super-fast way of organizing your music on the go, you should then replace the default music app with Panamp, which costs only $2.99 on Apple App store.

A clip is included below showing the Panamp in action.

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