iLid iPhone case makes your iPhone double as a wallet

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iLid is an iPhone case which isn’t just an average protective case that you’re used to. It’s able to turn your iPhone into a wallet holding your money. The iLid case has a secret compartment at its back which can be used for holding your cash and plastic money.

The iLid case is only 17mm thick but it allows you to easily put your cash, credit cards or keys in it. The iLid case and your iPhone will be useful when sometime you don’t feel like bringing your wallet out, so you can put some cash and your cards in the iLid case.

The iLid will retail for $40 each. It was first a conceptual project at but surprisingly it managed to reach its goal of raising fund after just one week it’s been published there. So, the iLid case will come true.

If you order now, your price is just $30 and you’ll get a free 1GB World’s thinnest USB stick exclusive to Kickstarter supporters.

via gadgetlite

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