Rootsmart Android malware could be undetectable by Google Bouncer

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More and more malicious Android applications have been surfacing, therefore Google has recently added the Google Bouncer a service which is claimed to scan Android Market applications that potentially contain malicious codes.

The Google Bouncer is claimed to have helped reduce up to 40% in the number of potentially malicious downloads from the Android Market. However, a team led by North Carolina State University Professor Xuxian Jiang has found that a new Android malware has the potential to bypass the scan of the Google Bouncer service.

The new Android malware is dubbed as Rootsmart which has the capability to install itself on the user’s device with no malicious code which allows it to bypass the scan of the Google Bouncer.

But once the app has been installed on the user’s Android device, it’ll start slowly downloading malicious code from a remote server – a process that may take a couple of hours or days and it intelligently hides the transfer in the phone’s communications. The malicious code that will be downloaded by Rootsmart is known as Gingerbreak- which is pretty harmful to your device, allowing the hacker to gain the entire access to your device!

Currently, it’s only known that the Rootsmart is capable of bypassing the scan of Google Bouncer but no evidence that it already exists on the market. However, if you always download Android apps from other stores, you’ll be at higher risk of getting the Rootsmart.

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