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TokyoFlash Asymmetry Analog watch resembles hull plating of a space station

For the fans of TokyoFlash watches who’re also fans of things living in outer space. Here comes the TokyoFlash Asymmetry Analog watch, which has been designed by designer Cody Farris. The watch face presents you with an asymmetrical pattern that resembles the hull plating of a fictional space station.

Telling time on the Asymmetry analog watch remains confusing as what other TokyoFlash watches do. You must look for lines to tell time on this watch as follows:.

The lines that radiate out from the center correspond to the hours of a clock face, simply find the place where the line changes to check the hour. The three dashes at the edge of the watch face denote minutes, specifically the center dash

The two attached pictures show 3:33 and 6:45 respectively. The watch will eventually come in both IPblack and Stainless Steel. A clip is included showing it in action.

via tokyoflash

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