SpareOne mobile phone offers 15-year of battery life with a single AA battery

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SpareOne has shown off a mobile phone at CES 2012, which claims to offer a massive of 15-year of battery life by using just a single AA battery.

The catch is the single AA battery is just an emergency backup, which allows a single AA battery to be used to provide power for 15 year shelf life. Generally, the SpareOne handset looks like any other mobile phone, but it doesn’t have an LCD display, instead it’s been replaced by a battery compartment that holds the AA battery.

SpareOne say that any AA battery can be used for their handset but an Energizer battery is recommended. Please note that SpareOne and Energizer share the same mother company. Other than that Energizer also claim their ultimate lithium battery is still able to provide up to 10 hours of talk time after being left unused for 15 years.

The SpareOne mobile isn’t a fancy smartphone, it’s just a basic phone, costs only $50. It’d be worth keeping one in your car, which would come in handy during emergency while all your smartphones have run out of juice. There are three different versions – a GSM 850/1900 for parts of America, a 3G model for Japan and a GSM 900/1800 model for the rest of the world.

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