iPad 3 to come with three versions and be launched at iWorld 2012?

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The next-gen Apple iPad – the iPad 3 is a hot gadget, which has got a number of rumors so far. The latest rumor hints that the device will be launched at iWorld 2012. And there are many speculations about the hardware specs of the iPad 3 including some say that it’d be a 7-inch smaller tablet that would compete with the Kindle Fire and some other claim that the Apple iPad 3 would come with a display with double of the resolution of the current Retina display of iPad 2.

Digitimes has not got the latest rumor claiming that the Apple iPad 3 will be announced at iWorld 2012 which was previously known as MacWorld. The event will take place at Moscone Center in San Francisco between January 26-28, 2012.

Some more, it says that Apple would launch two new versions of iPad rather than just one in 2012. It also claims that the new iPad not to replace the iPad 2. Instead it will compliment it, bringing additional options to the Apple iPad lineup. So, eventually, Apple will have an entry-level iPad, a mid-range and a high-end iPad. It seems to tell that the fierce competition from those many options of Android devices has pushed Apple to produce entry-level, lower-cost devices in order to stay in the game?

The latest rumors also claim that the new Apple iPad will have its screen to remain at 9.8 inches but will pack a faster A6 quad-core processor, replacing the dual-core A5 processor that’s found in the current iPad 2. Other goodies are the double of resolution (2048×1536) of the iPad 2’s Retina Display, an 8MP camera for the high-end version of iPad 3. While a mid-range version will feature an 5MP camera only and they’ll likely pack a dual-LED light bars for better brightness and a huge 14,000mAH battery for longer gameplay and video sessions.

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