Samsung announces Series 5 Ultrabook

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Samsung has announced its new Ultrabook which comes in the form of the Series 5. There are two models available for the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook which are a 13-inch and a 14-inch. The Series 5 comes in a chassis that measures only 14.9mm in thickness.

The 14-inch and 13-inch models can have up to 1TB and 500GB HHD respectively. Or you can have options for faster disk drives, such as 128GB SSD and you can have RAM up to 8GB as well.

The 14-inch model actually has a thicker chassis which measures 20.9mm which isn’t qualified as an Ultrabook according to Intel’s terms that requires Ultrabook not measure more than 20.3mm in thickness. The 13-inch model is qualified as an Ultrabook which has a chassis that is 14.9mm in thickness.

If you opt for SSD, then you can have less time to resume or recover from hibernation and sleep mode which takes only 7 seconds and 2 seconds respectively. The 14-inch model also has an AMD Radeon HD7550M graphics.

These Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook will be launched in the Korean market, no indication yet when they’ll hit other countries. Prices are ranging from $1,124 to $1,298 for the 13-inch model while the 14-inch model is somewhere from $1,168 to $1,342.

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