Mimo Magic Touch – a capacitive USB touch display

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Mimo Magic Touch is a new product of Mimo Monitors, which is a USB 10-inch monitor that features capacitive touch capabilities. The device is specially designed to suit POS (Point Of Sale) input and entry purposes. It also has other applications including corporate video conferencing, smart home entertainment systems, industrial/manufacturing controls as well as applications for healthcare and education etc.

Professionals who’re involved in sound and video editing can make use of this touchscreen display. It’s based on the capacitive touch which is an improvement over resistive touch displays that are normally used in the industries.

Other than as a USB touch display, the Mimo Magic Touch can also be used as a tethered tablet, which is useful for you to walk around short distances while carrying out a presentation.

The display offers a resolution of 1024 x 600, measures only an inch thick and weighs under 1 lb. It can be used for both Windows and Mac computers and hooks up to the USB port of your computer. It’s now priced at $300 and available for pre-order and expected to ship out before Christmas.

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