3M CP45 – a camcorder with a built-in pico projector

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There are a number of camcorders or cameras that come with a built-in projector. 3M has rolled out a new portable camcorder known as the 3M CP45 which comes equipped with a built-in projector. The best of the 3M CP45 is it allows you to shoot video while sharing your pictures or HD videos with a press of a button on a large projection screen.

The 3M CP45 is aimed female users who are aged anywhere from 25 to 45. Having this device, you can share right away your recorded videos without the hassle of having to transfer them to a memory card or a computer for projection.

The 3M CP45 is capable of recording 720p HD video and shooting still images at 5-megapixel. It can project up to an image size of 65 inches. It has a battery life of one and half hours only which is deemed pretty standard for most pico projectors. It has an internal memory of 2GB only but is expandable via microSD memory card for up to 32GB. It’s now up for grab for a rather expensive price tag of £300.

via ubergizmo

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