Piano Apprentice – a piano learning system for your iPad now ships in the UK

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Apple iPad is one of the handiest devices, allowing you to pick up some piano playing skills on the go. ION has announced the availability of their iPad accessory – the Piano Apprentice, which is a piano learning system that works with your iPad.

The Piano Apprentice is the new product of ION after a successful launch of their iCade arcade gaming system earlier this year. The Piano Apprentice is a portable 25-key piano which transforms your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch into a personal piano instructor.

The Piano Apprentice needs to work with the Piano Apprentice app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store for free. The app pairs with the Apprentice to let you pick up comprehensive music-learning experience.

The app presents you with Emmy award-winning piano instructor, Scott Houston aka the Piano Guy to guide you through piano playing on your iPad. Some more, Scott’s hands are even above the keyboard, showing user where to place their hands.

It also offers other functions such as teaching aspiring pianists on how to read music sheet or allowing them to play the piano at their chosen octave. The Piano Apprentice itself is lightweight, battery-powered and has built-in speakers and its keyboard is touch-sensitive as well. More info about the device is available on iONAudio

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