CruxFLIP iPad case offers a 360 degree hinge – dubbed as Apple Smart Cover killer

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Here comes the CruxFLIP iPad case which offers a 360-degree hinge that allows you to easily position your iPad at any angle between 0 to 90 degrees to suit various applications and game plays. With the CruxFLIP you can comfortably place your iPad on your lap or on top of a table.

The CruxFLIP protects your from scratches, knocks and bumps. It’s lightweight which weighs only 400 grams and adds very thickness of 8mm only to your iPad. It also doubles up as a smart cover which automatically turns on and off of your iPad, and it’s equipped with a magnetic closure which automatically keeps cover closed.

The CruxFLIP comes in a soft-touch finish that surely pleases your hands. The hinges are definitely strong enough for having it positioned at various angles. There are cutouts that do not block your access to the buttons and ports of your iPad.

The flexible hinge allows your iPad to be use in various modes including movie mode, tablet mode and carry mode. Unfortunately, it’s currently just a concept where the maker is hoping to raise as much as $12.5K USD by Nov 10, 2011. If you wish this flexible iPad case to come true, then head over to Kickstarter to support them. A clip is included below showing it in action.

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