A video shows how Siri works on iPhone 4S

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Siri – the virtual voice assistant, a new feature of the iOS 5 is only workable on the iPhone 4S. Although you can upgrade your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS to run the latest iOS 5 while it’s released tomorrow but the Siri voice assistant app that requires more processing power can only run on the iPhone 4S that comes with a dual-core A5 processor.

The Siri is basically a cool app that allows you to speak your commands to and ask questions – it’ll of course give you answer and complete your required task such as reading texts for you. And you can set reminders and ask it questions by talking to it. It sounds like a mini talking robot but it’s actually your iPhone 4S.

A clip by Stuff.TV is included below showing how the Siri works on the iPhone 4S. Such as you can voice out and ask it to open a URL of a website and it’ll then launch Safari with that URL for you. And you set reminders, alarms etc and all the commands are voice-operated. Watch the clip below for the cool Siri actions on your iPhone 4S. Now you know why you need an iPhone 4S instead of sticking to your existing iPhone 4.

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