Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard hides its keys when it’s not in use

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Levitatr keyboard is a smarter Bluetooth keyboard, which hides its keys when it’s not in use. This feature allows it to avoid any accidental keypress that will turn it on and subsequently drain its battery out. Currently, the Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard is is a just prototype which is being designed by James Stumpf of ENTERAX.

The keyboard looks just like a board with a smooth black surface. Underneath of the black surface is where the keys hide themselves when they’re not in use. The user will just need to press a button to pop the keys up and turn on the backlighting.

This is a great design, which helps avoid any accidental keypress when the Bluetooth keyboard is kept in your bag. It measures 12.5 mm in thickness and comes in a slick anodized aluminum chassis with a glossy black polycarbonate face. It’s also equipped with a kickstand, which allows you to place your iPad on a flat surface at angles from 20 to 30 degrees for more comfortable viewing.

The Levitatr keyboard will cost $79 each when it successfully becomes a finished product. You also can place your pre-order now at Kickstarter, which should help the makers to speed up the production of the keyboard as they’re trying to raise fund as much as $60,000 in the next 41 days.

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