Scosche myTrek pulse monitor and its iPhone app announced

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Scosche myTrek is a wireless pulse monitor that conveniently straps on your wrist or forarm for monitoring your pulse rate during your workout. The device has been announced for its availability by Scosche, alongside with an accompanying iOS app that allows you to record and analyze your work-out data on your iDevices.

The Schosche myTrek pairs with your iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth, to store all the work-out data and allows you to analyze your work-out data right on your iPhone or iPod Touch while on the go.

The myTrek pulse monitor itself is able to track your pulse precisely. The device is based on two LEDs combined with a photo sensor to accurately detect changes in the user’s blood pressure to measure pulse rate. The device is also equipped with an accelerometer which allows it to adjust for movement during exercise from the user’s heartbeat to achieve accurate measurements of pulse and calorie burned.

The myTrek comes in a comfortable arm-strap design that fits over the muscular portion of your forearm and provides convenient track and volume control. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s good for 5 hours of continuous workout and can be charged via USB.

You can even personalize your workouts using the myTrek and its iOS app by selecting type of activity, target training zone and type of workout. There is a voice-guided feature which guides you through your progress by a male or female voice, letting you be aware of whether you’re on track or sidetracked from your goals. The myTrek app also features a calendar, lets you view what days you’ve worked out and what has been accomplished during each workout.

The myTrek is now available on for $130 each and ships with small, medium and large-sized armbands to ensure perfect fit. While the myTrek app can be downloaded from iTunes for free. You’ll also be prompted to download the myTrek app when you first pair your myTrek with your iPhone or iPod Touch via Bluetooth. The myTrek will also be headed to other online stores including Target, Apple and Verizon Wireless stores. A clip is included below showing how it’s used.

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