This is how an iPhone 5 would look like – indicated by a knockoff in China

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The next generation of the iPhone – the iPhone 5 is rumored to land sometime in October, 2011. But, in China, an iPhone 5 clone has surfaced which could have been built by people who have access to the designs of the iPhone 5.

As usual, China is where lots of leaked intellectual property gathers including leaked designs and software. Someone who have access to the actual design of the iPhone 5 have built a clone out of it.

The design of this iPhone 5 clone is somewhere in between an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 4 and it has metal sides and rounded edges. It measures 7mm in thickness only while compared to 9.3mm of the iPhone 4. At the back of the phone, words such as “designed by Apolle in California” and “assembled in U.S.A” are printed on it.

Of course, the device is just a completely trimmed down version of the iPhone, which comes in a black plastic body and packs two LED flash cameras with unknown quality. There is a label on this knockoff suggesting that it can hold 64GB of data.

The device runs a Java-based OS and is now being sold in China for $108 only. At such a low price point, it would be worth to get one to show off or deceive friends around.

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