FireText smoke alarm alerts you with SMS while your house is smoking

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Smoke alarms need to be smarter these days. Other than producing the usual audible alert during emergency, it also needs to be able to alert someone from afar. Here comes the FireText Smoke Alarm, which is able to send text messages to alert you while you’re away during emergency.

The FireText alarm clock is equipped with a SIM card slot, which you can insert a SIM card into it. It’s able to send text messages to up to four numbers in the case of fire.

Apparently, it’s handy while you’re not at home, allowing you to have better control of the situation. Such as calling the fire brigade and directing them to your home first before it burns down.

Since the FireText smoke alarm is able to send text messages up to four people, you can set it to notify a few of your family members and even your neighbors, so they can be more ready for the situation.

The device features photoelectric smoke detection, which is ideal for smoldering fire and compliant with a few standards, including EN1406, AS3786 and UL217. Similar to regular smoke alarms, it also produces super loud audible alert of 85db at 3m siren.

The FireText smoke alarm is priced at a higher price tag than any regular smoke alarm. It costs you $144 and is available on Firebox now. There is also a running cost involved with using the SIM card on the device.

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