There are people willing to pay $100K for an iPhone 4 prototype

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Perhaps there are many out there showing huge interest in how broken an iPhone 4 prototype is and they’re willing to pay more than $100K USD for it, so they’ll be able to get their hands on the iPhone 4 prototype.

Whether you like it or not, an iPhone 4 prototype is now up for bidding on eBay and according to Slashgear, the bidding skyrocketed to an unbelievable price of $100K USD! But my quick check on eBay shows it’s reached a bid price of $1,725 only at the time of this writing. Apparently, there could be someone trying to game the bidding.

Anyway, here are more details about this iPhone 4 prototype – It looks similar to the few that were leaked in early 2010. The seller of this phone claims to be a cellphone repair engineer. The handset was bought from a dissatisfied owner, who couldn’t find a way on how to activate the handset via iTunes. A check on Apple’s database does show the handset is actually a prototype that has a tester code DF1692 etched onto the front panel.

Other differences of this prototype and the shipping/finished iPhone 4 are absence of the “+” and “-” marks on the volume buttons and the various Xs on where the FCC ID and model number would normally be found. If you’re one of those showing huge curiosity for an iPhone 4 prototype then it’s no harm to compete for the bidding, since it’s no more than $2K at the moment and there are still 7 days left.

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