FlipIt! USB charger leeches power from in-use power outlet to charge your gadgets

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Have you ever been into the situations that you desperately want a power outlet to charge your phone but all the power outlets are fully occupied by other devices? Now there is a pocket-sized charger called the FlipIt! USB charger which is able to leech the power from an in-use power outlet for charging your phone or gadgets.

The FlipIt! USB charger is equipped with a swing-out rotating power tab, which you can insert it between the outlet and the power plug of any US 100-240V device. It draws enough power to charge any device that runs off USB power up to 1,000mA.

The picture above should explain clearly how an iPhone is being charged by the FlipIt! USB charger. The charger should come in handy, in the situation that there is only one power outlet but you need it to power up your laptop and all the USB ports of your laptop are fully occupied by other USB devices. So, if you have the Flip!It, you’ll have no problem to keep your phone juiced up.

The FlipIt! costs only $14 and is available on ThinkGeek. It’s advisable to keep one in your laptop bag, which will come in handy in any of the situations mentioned above.

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