The iPhone scam detector

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Scams seem to be everywhere these days. If your loved ones or friends around who’re easily falling for scams, you may want to suggest them to start using the iPhone as their primary handset in life. As now there is an iPhone app called the Scam Detector that helps detect scams on the go.

The Scam Detector app is not free, it costs $0.99 which can be purchased from iTunes. The app lets you learn whether an offer is something that’s too good to be true.

The app categorizes five different categories of scams as shown in the screenshots above, which are AUTO SCAMS, FACE TO FACE SCAMS, INTERNET SCAMS, TELEPHONE SCAMS and TRAVEL SCAMS, while the Internet scams are further broken into five other scams including social networking scams, financials, employment online, houses & properties and online auctions and tech.

Basically, the iPhone Scam Detector app simply holds a database that contains over 350 popular scams. Each scam simply details the common scenarios of how the scam is like. Some are very common, that you’ve heard of before especially those involve the Internet.

You can use the app’s search function to search if something that you encounter is a scam. But I’ve found the search always fail to return what I want. Such as searching for any “make money online” scam, it returned no result as shown above.

The app does reserve a way for you to submit a new scam that is not in their database. So, if you wish to help make the app more complete, then keep submitting any new scams that you’ve encountered. Anyway, the app is good to have on your iPhone and browse through its database during your free time, so you’ll be aware right away whenever you bump into a scam.

There is also a lite version of the Scam detector which can be downloaded for free from iTunes, that you can try out before making a purchase of the full version. But of course, the lite version detects less scams than the full version does.

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  1. Hi Sorin,

    Yeah, I tried searching with “work at home”, it did return quite a number of scams. Btw, I guess most users may search right away using the words they see on an ad e.g. make money online 😀 that often appears on lots of spam emails or websites 😀

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