Homemade Retro Radio iPhone 4 case

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If you’re a music lover, you would always carry a mini radio during those old school days. But of course, you’ll always carry your iPhone these days which is a single device that you can have phone calls, music and lots of other interesting apps.

If you miss those old school days or simply just the retro radio that you used to carry, you can now turn your iPhone 4 into an old-school handheld radio by using the Homemade Retro Radio iPhone 4 case presented to you here.

The Retro Radio case simply disguises your iPhone 4 as a retro radio, but of course, it does not carry the real functionality of a radio. It’s just meant for giving your iPhone 4 a “retro radio look”, which is perhaps useful to keep some sweet old memories closer.

The Homemade Retro Radio iPhone 4 case is available on USBFever for $23 each. There is also a golden version that will probably suit your taste better.

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