Marshall Major headphones refreshed with microphone and remote

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The Marshall Major headphones have been upgraded, which now come with microphone and remote functionality. The two new features allow you to use the Major headphones to answer incoming calls on your phone as well.

The Marshall Major headphones are the type of over the ear headphones but they offer great quality of sounds, which are great for use with your smartphones or iPhone for listening to music on the go. The previous version of the Major headphones does not come with remote and built-in mic, making it impractical for use with a smartphone.

Users will have to bring along another pair of headphones and swap with the Marshall Major when they want to receive phone calls. And change back to the Major while they want great sounds for music. Now with the latest upgrade, the Major can be used for both your music and your phone calls, eliminating the hassle of having to change headphones.

The new Marshall Major headphones come with a simple remote functionality, which can be used to play and pause music, as well as receive and end phone calls. Using the remote of the Major is simple – click twice to forward music, click three times to go back. The microphone and the remote are both compatible with most mobile phones featuring the 3.5mm headphone port. The new Marshall Major can be had from for $119 a pair.

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